Conference Visa

Conference visa: Delegates attending Indian conferences organized by Indian-government organizations can get this visa.

  • Business visa: This India visa is suitable for those businessmen who come to India for business expansion, income earning, attending business events or conferences and others.
  • Student visa: Students from well-recognized educational-institutes dealing with yoga, music, dance, Vedic-culture, and others can receive this visa. Depending on the educational-course, almost five-year tenure can be gained.
  • Research visa: This visa is for scholars and professors dealing with research in India. Various restrictions and requirements need to be abided in this regard. Education-department and human-resource development need to approve this visa.
  • Journalist visa: Professional photographer or journalists can make application for this visa. In this case, particular person or region can be easily accessed. Media-professionals especially writers, editors, and others can also apply for the same.
  • Transit visa: This visa is suitable for travelers flying to India for few hours only. In this case, onward-journey airline-booking needs to be shown.
  • Medical visa:  If you are in need of advanced medical-treatments at well-recognized hospitals in India, then you should acquire this visa. Only significant-nature oriented treatments are added to the list like an organ transplant, heart surgery, plastic surgery, gene therapy, joint replacement, neurosurgery, and others.
  • Film-F visa: TV-shows or commercial-films at India can be now planned uninterruptedly with the acquisition of this visa. Broadcasting and information ministry usually verify the visa. 60-day is normal, but it can be extended even for one-year. Advertisements or documentary-films can also be made in India easily.

These are the few categories by which electronic-visas in India can be applied online.