What Are The Leading Categories Of E Visa India?

E visa India seems to be the easiest and most convenient means of applying Indian-visa. But before applying for this visa, you should decide your actual purpose. The purpose should be mentioned within the application form. Your purpose will enable the authority to decide that which visa-type should be issued to you.

Primary Indian electronic-visa types:

  • Tourist visa: Short-term sightseeing or yoga-programs in India can be now easily attended with this visa. In general, 6-month tenure is allowed but if you wish you can make the tenure extended a bit. Another tourist-visa application might take 45-days extra for approval by Home-affairs ministry.
  • Entry-X visa: This particular visa is allowed to Indian-origin having foreigner, children or spouse of Indian-origin having foreigner and foreigner’s children or spouse having a long-term visa for either business or employment. Extensions on this visa can be gained, but it does not allow working in India.
  • Employment visa: Long-term employment holder foreigners need this visa. One-year is the normal-limit, but the limit can be extended as per need. The applicants having $25000 income per-year can receive the visa, and some exceptions are non-English language-teachers, translators, ethnic cooks, volunteers and others.
  • Intern-I visa: Internship at Indian-organization can enable you getting this visa. Within one-year of post-graduation or graduation, this internship should be attended. One-year is the maximum visa-tenure for an internship.