What Are The Leading Categories Of E Visa India?

E visa India seems to be the easiest and most convenient means of applying Indian-visa. But before applying for this visa, you should decide your actual purpose. The purpose should be mentioned within the application form. Your purpose will enable the authority to decide that which visa-type should be issued to you.

Primary Indian electronic-visa types:

  • Tourist visa: Short-term sightseeing or yoga-programs in India can be now easily attended with this visa. In general, 6-month tenure is allowed but if you wish you can make the tenure extended a bit. Another tourist-visa application might take 45-days extra for approval by Home-affairs ministry.
  • Entry-X visa: This particular visa is allowed to Indian-origin having foreigner, children or spouse of Indian-origin having foreigner and foreigner’s children or spouse having a long-term visa for either business or employment. Extensions on this visa can be gained, but it does not allow working in India.
  • Employment visa: Long-term employment holder foreigners need this visa. One-year is the normal-limit, but the limit can be extended as per need. The applicants having $25000 income per-year can receive the visa, and some exceptions are non-English language-teachers, translators, ethnic cooks, volunteers and others.
  • Intern-I visa: Internship at Indian-organization can enable you getting this visa. Within one-year of post-graduation or graduation, this internship should be attended. One-year is the maximum visa-tenure for an internship.

Tips for Getting Your Visum USA

visum usaIf you are a citizen outside of the United States and are interested in entering into the United States, it is typically necessary for you to obtain a Visum USA. It allows you to do international travel and, although you may be able to enter into the United States without a visa under some cases, it is often required. The following tips will help you to have the greatest chance of seeing success when applying for this document.

First of all, you need to ensure that your application is completed well before you are traveling to the United States. It may take a few weeks or perhaps even longer in some cases to obtain the documentation. When you do file the paperwork, make sure that you pay all the fees that are necessary at that time. One of the reasons why some people are denied this document or simply don’t receive it is because they don’t pay the application fees.

There are specific instructions that must be followed when submitting the application. If you don’t understand what you are doing when you file for the document, be sure that you get the help that is necessary so that you don’t make any mistakes during the process. Any mistakes on the application could significantly hinder the progress and may make it difficult to obtain the documents.

You will have to have a visa interview and it may be conducted by someone at a US Embassy or Consulate. This can be difficult, especially if you’re traveling during the time of year when there are many people traveling. The middle of the summer is one of the times of years that this may be difficult. Since the interview slots may be full during the time, it is always best if you file for the interview as early as possible. It may take a few weeks before you receive your interview date.

You may even have a further problem if you have been arrested or convicted of a crime in the past. Although it is not possible for you to seek a Visum USA if you’re under those conditions, it can certainly hinder the progress of your application and make things difficult. In some cases, a criminal conviction may make you ineligible for a visa. This is just one more thing you may need to do in order to get the document successfully.…

Guide to Applying for ESTA for USA Travel

When you are not a citizen of USA and you think of going there, you must have an idea about how hard it is to undergo the entire process and acquiring requirements. But thanks to ESTA, because a system called ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization is there to make the process easy and swift for you. It is designed to make assessment on the travelers before they are permitted to go to US. Not all non-US citizens are qualified to apply for this, since this is only for those countries under the so-called Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Visa Waiver Program allows the citizens of countries included in an agreement with US to enter the US territory without using visa.

The application process is simple and easy to complete, as it is just a four-step process. Applicants can go through the process anywhere and anytime because the system can be accessed online and there’s no need to go to the U.S. Embassy. The first step is to fill out the application form thoroughly and it’s important for the passport to be readily available as some details from it will be required. The next step is to just complete the application form before submitting then it’s followed by paying the processing fee, which is only $4. Most feedback and messages regarding the application are sent back as soon as a few minutes, but some applications may take 72 hours before the applicant will hear about the result. An approved application may move on to the next processes but a $10 processing fee will be asked by then.

If the result is negative, the traveler is still allowed to travel to U.S. using a visitor visa for being rejected from ESTA. This means that the traveler is not granted with the benefit of VWP. Recent changes to the program, though, could possibly explain why the ESTA USA won’t be approved. First amendment provides that citizens of countries included in VWP but have dual citizenship with Iraq, Sudan, Iran or Syria and even if they do not hold passport under the mentioned countries are not permitted to take entry using VWP and they should have to acquire a visitor visa.

Another change of the program bans the people from countries under VWP and had traveled to Iran, Iraw, Syria or Sudan on March 1, 2011 and onwards from entering US territory without visitor visa. However, there is an exception to those who visited the said countries through active military services. Although some technicalities make the process difficult, the ESTA USA method helps lessen the hassle of applying for travel to the U.S.

Conference Visa

Conference visa: Delegates attending Indian conferences organized by Indian-government organizations can get this visa.

  • Business visa: This India visa is suitable for those businessmen who come to India for business expansion, income earning, attending business events or conferences and others.
  • Student visa: Students from well-recognized educational-institutes dealing with yoga, music, dance, Vedic-culture, and others can receive this visa. Depending on the educational-course, almost five-year tenure can be gained.
  • Research visa: This visa is for scholars and professors dealing with research in India. Various restrictions and requirements need to be abided in this regard. Education-department and human-resource development need to approve this visa.
  • Journalist visa: Professional photographer or journalists can make application for this visa. In this case, particular person or region can be easily accessed. Media-professionals especially writers, editors, and others can also apply for the same.
  • Transit visa: This visa is suitable for travelers flying to India for few hours only. In this case, onward-journey airline-booking needs to be shown.
  • Medical visa:  If you are in need of advanced medical-treatments at well-recognized hospitals in India, then you should acquire this visa. Only significant-nature oriented treatments are added to the list like an organ transplant, heart surgery, plastic surgery, gene therapy, joint replacement, neurosurgery, and others.
  • Film-F visa: TV-shows or commercial-films at India can be now planned uninterruptedly with the acquisition of this visa. Broadcasting and information ministry usually verify the visa. 60-day is normal, but it can be extended even for one-year. Advertisements or documentary-films can also be made in India easily.

These are the few categories by which electronic-visas in India can be applied online.